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Hundreds of radio stations from across Canada in the palm of your hand

Last Updated Mar 3, 2017 at 9:58 am PDT


New app launches in Canada bringing together hundreds of radio stations

NEWS 1130 is part of free app allowing you to listen to hundreds of radio stations nation-wide

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – If you love radio, here’s something that will be music to your ears. A new app that brings together hundreds of Canadian radio stations, including NEWS 1130, has launched.

The free app is called Radio Player Canada and it gives you, the listener, access to about 400 radio stations from more than 20 companies across the country.

Senior Vice President of Rogers Radio Julie Adam says you’ll get a wide variety of content, such as talk, news, and sports, along with nearly every style of music. “With Radio Player Canada you just have access to all of these amazing radio stations and brands and all of this content. We’ve got catch-up content as well, so if you miss something that happened earlier in the day you’ll be able to listen to it.”

She adds the app actually began in the UK and quickly spread to other countries. “Canada is the first North American market to get in. We’re really excited.”

The Radio Player Canada app is available to download today through iOS, android and a desktop player.