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Bear tranquilized in East Vancouver

Last Updated May 19, 2017 at 12:53 pm PDT

This young black bear was caught and tranquilized after climbing up a tree in East Vancouver. (Courtesy Vancouver Police)

Young black bear will be relocated to the Harrison area

Experts say if you see a bear, don't approach it and call for help

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Some people living in East Vancouver were on high alert today after a bear was spotted hanging out in a tree in a residential neighbourhood.

Police say just after 6 a.m., the young bear wandered into the area of Renfrew and East Hastings Streets. After spotting a Vancouver Police officer the young bear ran up a tree and hid in a tree on East Pender Street. Conservation officers were called in and tranquilized it.

Inspector Murray Smith with the BC Conservation Office explains how unusual it is to see a bear in the city. “It’s not a regular occurrence. We’ve got bears on Burnaby Mountain and they do wander. In this case, we think that bear was along the train tracks towards the PNE area and just got into the housing area around East Vancouver. It’s been in the area since May 7th.”

Smith confirms they received five reports of a bear sighting in the area before they were finally able to nab it. “The thing with this bear is there was no conflict history with [it]. It hadn’t gone into human attractants, that’s a good thing and we were able to move the bear and hopefully it’ll have a good release into the Harrison area.”

He adds the black bear is about 110 pounds and is likely lost after getting separated from its mother.

Smith suggests if you see a bear, don’t approach it and call the BC Conservation Office. You’re also being asked to lock up your garbage bin or potential food sources.