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Creep Catcher boss plans to do things differently after being charged

Last Updated May 19, 2017 at 3:10 pm PDT

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Surrey Creep Catcher wants members to have access to handcuffs to make arrests

Group claims to go after alleged pedophiles

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – Following his assault charges this week, the leader of the Surrey Creep Catcher group says he plans on doing things differently in the future.

Ryan Laforge wants his members to get security certificates and then have them cuff people they believe are pedophiles.

He admits he’s still looking into whether or not this is even legal. “We’re putting a couple of my guys through their BST and after that, their AST — Advanced Security Training — get them certified in handcuffing, and then we’re going to look up the legalities,” explains Laforge.

This follows confirmation by Surrey RCMP that Laforge has been charged with two counts of assault related to confrontations during so-called stings his group carried out on King George Boulevard recently.

When asked for a response to critics that is considering getting handcuffs, Laforge had this to say.

“What’s unconventional about it? What’s unconventional is how a pedophile can go onto the Internet and prey on a child and get away with it, or if he is apprehended, what’s happening to him? Anyone can look at this any way they want, but we do what we do because we live in this city. We live on these streets, we have kids, we have family, and we are going to do whatever it takes to protect them, whether or not our government stands behind us or not.”

Laforge has also been questioned about why his group takes action at all and doesn’t just leave it to the RCMP.

“We caught a cop,” says Laforge. “There’s cops being caught by cops. There’s not one job title out there that’s free of pedophilia. It’s in the churches. It’s everywhere. We caught a principal of an elementary school. The people who say, ‘Leave it to the cops,’ have never had to deal with [it.] I understand, but this is the real world. You have to live in it every single day and there are real dangers out there.”

NEWS 1130 has contacted Surrey RCMP to see if it has any comment to make about these plans, but we’ve yet to hear back.