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Cannabis dispensaries get high marks from patients

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About 80 per cent of patients who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes use dispensaries

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Research from UBC shows marijuana patients are giving storefront dispensaries high marks for quality, safety and availability but not for cost.

The study is the first of its kind, looking at access from dispensaries in Canada.

“We know that about 80 per cent of patients use dispensaries, even those who are authorized to buy cannabis legally. So what is interesting is to get some understanding of why,” says lead researcher Rielle Capler.

“What is very important is (patients) find a strain that works for their particular symptoms and conditions. There are people who are using it concurrently for physical illnesses that also have depression and stress and anxiety associated with that,’ she says.

“So you need a specific strain that works particularly for you.”

While patients were happy with availability, quality and efficiency, the study found they were less happy with the cost compared with some other cannabis sources

“There was less satisfaction with the cost at dispensaries as compared to some of the other sources—particularly growing it yourself or having somebody grow it for you.”

The study comes ahead of legislation that will legalize the sale of cannabis for non-medical uses expected by July 2018.