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Unsung Hero: Vancouver dad inspires others

(Photo courtesy www.vancouverdads.com)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Congratulations to our Unsung Hero Leland Dieno. Leland was nominated for the award by Brittany Dieno. Take a look at his story.

I am nominating my older brother.  He is a single father who started a business called No Deadbeat Society that has brought over 30,000 dads together online who are discussing fatherhood. He started a local not-for-profit called vancouverdads.com, which is a monthly meet up group bringing dads and their kids together. He also started a charity called Build One Another Up, which once a year puts together care packages and donates them to people living in poverty in Whalley.

He has always been my best friend and my hero.  As his little sister, I have reaped the benefits of his protectiveness, generosity, and blind support.  He has walked beside me through every major deficit and monumental moment in my life and now I watch him do the same for his 4.5 year-old son, who he raises as a single father.  He is both inspiring and admirable and the changes he is making in our community and in others truly makes him an unsung hero, in my eyes and in his son’s.

Alpine Credits is acknowledging Leland with $500 to say thanks for your volunteer efforts and they’re also donating $1000 to the Ronald McDonald House Children’s Charity.

Everyone knows an Unsung Hero. Nominate yours now by clicking here and give credit where credit is due with Alpine Credits and NEWS 1130.