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Warning to parents after Surrey toddler falls out of window

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SURREY (NEWS 1130) – Mounties south of the Fraser are reminding parents to watch their children carefully after a three-year-old fell out of a second-storey window of a home in Surrey yesterday.

Police say the girl leaned against the screen and landed on the concrete below.

Surrey RCMP Corporal Scotty Schumann has some tips.

“Probably best is having window guards put over windows on above-ground floors. Also you can move furniture, or other devices that they could use to climb up into the window, away from the windows,” he says.

“Kids are very resourceful and they’re also very curious. So if you give them any opportunity to look out a window, they’re going to take that opportunity.”

The Ministry of Children and Family Development has been notified, which is protocol.

The little girl is going to be OK.