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$10/day child care advocate confident efforts are being made

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Many BC parents anxiously waiting for $10/day child care are being offered assurances it is coming, but not anytime soon.

Sharon Gregson, a former school trustee and Vancouver-based advocate for the program, blames the previous Liberal government for stalling work underway the last time the New Democrats were in power 16 years ago.

“They introduced something called Child Care BC, which started to introduce affordable child care. Unfortunately, the BC Liberals nixed that program. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have the chaos that we have today. So, we need to start yesterday, fixing child care.”

She tells us she’s already spoken with the new minister of children and family development about the need to reduce fees, hire more early childhood educators, and make more spaces available.

“What spaces do we have, how many do we need, and how can we leverage our public partners to start opening up some space immediately? Any extra space in elementary schools, for example? Any kind of civic facility, we need to include child care.”

Gregson also argues early childhood educators need better pay.