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  • People walking by a closed liquor store during the Games.

    Study: Private liquor stores to blame for increase in deaths

    Renee Bernard

    That’s the finding of a study published by the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research. It says the province had 400 extra deaths since the number of private stores rose sharply.

  • Edgewater Casino public hearing scheduled for February 17

    Jesse Johnston

    Vancouver councillors are concerned about proposed casino because an estimated 21,000 people in Vancouver are problem gamblers. City manager hopes visiting gamers will take their problems home.

  • NDP poised to announce interim leader

    John Ackermann

    BC’s New Democrats are about to name an interim leader until a permanent replacement for Carole James is picked in April. That person is chosen by the NDP’s provincial council.

  • Terry Fox memorial unveiled

    Dan Burritt

    The old stucco archway is being replaced by four bronze statues from life sized to two times human likeness. They were designed by local artist and writer Douglas Coupland.

  • Newspaper delivery man Firoz Khan speaks to the media following the attack in 2009.

    Gillan to learn fate next month

    John Ackermann

    Griffin Gillan, the West Vancouver officer who pleaded guilty in the beating of a newspaper deliveryman two years ago, will find out if he gets to keep his job next month.

  • Smart meters installations this summer

    Jesse Johnston

    BC Hydro says electricity rates will stay the same when smart meter installations start this summer. The meters should cut down on electricity theft and energy consumption.

  • Liberal candidates have their say at forum

    Dan Burritt/Dave White

    All six candidates met Tuesday morning to hash out issues such as new holidays in February, the Harmonized Sales Tax, and clean energy.

  • Daisy Bell used to fight avalanches

    Andrea Macpherson

    It replaces heli-bombing and other traditional methods used for avalanche control. The Daisy Bell is being used for the first time by BC crews this season.

  • Some living at UBC's Promontory condominium are against a hospice being built nearby

    Community leaders speak out on hospice controversy

    Andrea Macpherson

    Leaders within the Chinese community want people to know not everyone feels the same way about plans for a hospice near a predominately Asian UBC condo building. Some don’t want it built there.

  • Expert: Stilwell won’t stick around as Liberal candidate

    Dave White

    One political scientist thinks there are a couple of “no-hopers” in the race and he says Moira Stilwell likely won’t stay on until the end. Five of the six candidates are meeting later this morning.