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  • Police want witnesses of Kelowna man being kicked in head

    Andrea Macpherson/Jill Drews

    Abbotsford police, who are investigating the case, say they need to talk to witnesses at the bank across the street in Kelowna. A video captured part of the incident on January 7th.

  • Baby chicks stomped to death during Abbotsford theft

    Andrea Macpherson

    One hundred and fifty chickens have been trampled to death at a farm in Abbotsford. Police says the thieves stomped the baby chicks while stealing metal from a farm.

  • A lamp standard is adorned with flowers at the corner of Hastings and Nanaimo, in memory of a 17-year-old boy who was killed there on January 13th, 2010. The boy was hit by a dump truck.

    Could busy cross-roads have played a role in teen’s death?

    Dave White

    People living near Hastings and Nanaimo where a 17-year-old was killed yesterday say the intersection isn’t safe. Some wonder if busy cross-roads are be partly to blame for the boy’s death.

  • Some snowmobiling is taken to the extreme

    Prepare for the worst when snowmobiling

    Andrea Macpherson

    The avalanche danger rating is high in most areas of BC’s back country this weekend. The RCMP says snowmobilers need to carry a shovel, avalanche probe stick, and transceiver.

  • Expert: Do your research ahead of a job interview

    Am and a Wawryk

    Peter Harris with Workopolis says you resist the urge to complain about your old boss, and research the company so you’re prepared. He also says to get there early and turning off your phone.

  • News1130 Weather Guarantee winner

    News1130 Staff

    News1130 meteorologist Russ Lacate missed his guaranteed high yesterday, making Cameron Hills of Delta $5,100 richer. If you want to win some of Russ’ money, become a member of our Insider Club.

  • Industry minister: Cdn Target stores will benefit consumers

    Mike Lloyd

    Federal industry minster Tony Clement says the introduction of US chain Target to Canada will provide Canadians with more choice. He says it shows the value of the Canadian retail marketplace.

  • Anti-porn crusaders set up shop at sex show

    Lyle Fisher

    Members of the America-based XXX Church will have a booth set up at the “Taboo: Naughty But Nice Show.” They hope to distribute all 2,700 of their specially-made Jesus Loves Porn Stars bible.

  • What you can and can’t say on the radio

    News1130 Staff

    ‘Crap,’ ‘ass,’ and ‘bitch’ make it past the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, but the ‘f-word’ can only be used after 9 p.m. The CBSC says it’s never had to deal with the ‘n-word.’

  • Screening process for Vancouver street vendors

    Lyle Fisher

    Potential street food vendors in Vancouver will have to go before a panel of food and nutrition experts before a new license is issued. The City wants customers to more healthy food options.