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  • Russ Lacate’s Monday forecast

    News1130 Staff

    The March 31st weather forecast.

  • Spring has officially arrived!

    News1130 Staff

    Meteorologist Russ Lacate says the season is expected to be unusually cold and wet until mid-April. After that, he’s expecting drier and warmer than normal conditions.

  • Refrozen slush makes for icy morning commute in many areas

    Mike Lloyd

    The major routes seem to be okay. But in other areas, particularly on secondary roads and back streets, it’s like an ice rink. Be careful on the roads and follow @News1130Traffic for updates.

  • Snow in Aldergrove

    How much more snow can we expect?

    News1130 Staff

    Snow has been falling in several areas of the Lower Mainland today. Accumulations vary, but the snow is expected to continue throughout the day and taper off this evening.

  • News1130 Meteorologist Russ Lacate

    News1130 unveils new weather guarantee contest

    News1130 Staff

    It’s been decided that Meteorologist Russ Lacate now has to be within two degrees of the guaranteed high, rather than three degrees. As of today, the jackpot stands at $10,000.

  • Dial back on ‘snowmaggedon’ panic a bit: Russ Lacate

    News1130 Staff

    Environment Canada had issued a warning about a possible snowstorm for this long weekend. News1130′s meteorologist thinks it will snow on Monday, but says there are a lot of unknown factors at play.

  • Bone-chilling cold in the Lower Mainland

    News1130 Staff

    News1130 Meteorologist Russ Lacate says the Arctic breeze means windchills down to -15 in the Fraser Valley today. It gets even windier and colder tonight.

  • groundhog day

    Will the groundhog see his shadow on Sunday?

    News1130 Staff

    Meteorologist Russ Lacate says Sunday looks cloudy, so the furry forecaster wouldn’t see his shadow in Vancouver. But it wouldn’t mean an early spring, as Arctic air is about to sweep in.

  • Winter burnout setting in for people in Ontario

    News1130 Staff

    The winter out east has been plagued with bone-chilling cold temperatures, treacherous conditions on the roads, and brutally slow traffic. It’s expected to feel like minus-30 with the wind today.

  • Expect more fog around the Lower Mainland this weekend

    News1130 Staff

    A taste of what’s in store when it comes to the weather today. The fog could make things tricky for drivers, but you might be able to leave the jacket at home if you’re hitting the slopes.