MAY IOM: WIN A $1,000 Jericho Counselling Package

This month NEWS1130 Insiders can enter to win a $1000 Jericho Counselling package.

NEWS 1130 Weather Guarantee

Every day, Russ Lacate forecasts a high temperature. At 7:11 a.m. the next day, we revisit the previous day’s high temp. If Russ is within 2 degrees of the guarantee, we add $100 to the jackpot, so it becomes $1,100, then $1,200, and so on…

Newsmaker Of The Week

Being a news junkie can pay off BIG TIME. Listen to NEWS 1130 for our Newsmaker of the Week and you could win CASH. Each week our anchors will quiz you on a different Newsmaker.

Win Tickets to Macy Gray at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival

This year marks the checkpoint for the 33rd Vancouver International Jazz Festival. But, more importantly it’s your chance to see Macy Gray at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre!

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