By News1130 Movie Addict Treena Wood

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

It’s a sequel/prequel/reboot of the original six-picture series, paying homage to it with the storyline and updating the hairy co-stars with slick CGI and motion-capture technology.  A scientist (James Franco) looking for a cure for Alzheimer’s finds his primate test subjects get a little smarter – and meaner – than he bargained for.  Andy Serkis, the body model for Gollem in LOTR, plays Caesar the chimp with an incredible range of emotion. If you support PETA, you’ll love this movie. Full review Friday. Rated PG.

The Change-Up

It wasn’t too long ago that we were getting a horror movie a week. That’s now been replaced with adult-rated comedies. This week’s stars Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in a filthy rendition of the old “Freaky Friday” switcheroo plot. One is the responsible family man with a hot wife and cute kids, the other is the perpetually unemployed manchild without a care in the world. They envy the other’s lifestyle, until they mysteriously switch bodies and get to experience reality. Apparently the grass ain’t always greener – shocking, I know. Rated 18-A.

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