By News1130 Movie Addict Treena Wood


If you’re claustrophobic, you’ll be a sweaty, shaky mess after this one. Ryan Reynolds (that good Vancouver boy) wakes up to find himself imprisoned in a coffin with just a lighter and a cellphone. He has 90 minutes to figure out who put him there and why. No offense to Scarlett Johansson, but Mr. Reynolds has a better chance of getting out of that coffin than he would out of my bedroom. I’m just sayin’. Read a review by Citytv’s Thor Diakow on Friday. Rated PG.

Life As We Know It

Katherine Heigl takes another kick at the romantic comedy can. Her date – Josh Duhamel. The premise - two attractive singles who can’t stand each other get custody of a baby after their mutual friends pass away. I haven’t seen it, but I predict lots of  diaper jokes before they fall in love roughly two thirds of the way through the movie. Rated PG.


Who didn’t love horses growing up? Disney takes on the tale behind the winningest racehorse in history. Diane Lane stars as the housewife who takes over her father’s horse farm in Virginia back in the early 70′s. She overcomes incredible odds to breed the 1973 Triple Crown winner. Thank heaven the Magic Kingdom resisted making it 3-D. Also starring John Malkovich, Fred Thompson, and James Cromwell. Rated G.

My Soul To Take

Last week’s two thrillers were flops. This week there’s only one on offer, so no vote-splitting. People start disappearing from their ubiquitous small American town. They’re dispatched in various horrifying and inventive ways. Yadda yadda. No rating from Consumer Protection BC, but in the US it’s carrying an R rating.