I first met Dr. Joe MacInnis in the early ’80s when I was hosting the show on CFRB. I was living at the time in a beautiful condo in Streetsville, Ont., overlooking the Credit River. Joe was associated with the “Sportsman Show” at the time and called with an offer to join him on a high water early spring canoe run down the upper Credit. I accepted, and we have been professional friends ever since.

I have always acknowledged that the interview show was my university of life because of the number of people it put me face-to-face with, and Joe is one who has served as an inspiration from the day we met.

For those who are not aware, he is a world renowned oceanographer, physician and marine scientist who has led exploration dives under the North Pole and the North West Passage. He served as and adviser to the Titanic discovery team and was co-leader of the expedition to film the “Titanic” at the bottom of the sea in the IMAX format.

I spoke to him this week about his view of the Titanic’s grave and his most recent expedition as part of Team Cameron’s historic dive to the Mariana Trench — enjoy both interviews here: Trench dive and Titanic.