The answer to that question at this point is simple, we don’t know.

It’s easy to be confused as we learn more and more details about the election fraud scandal. There are many allegations and a lot of speculation on who is behind the campaign in the last election to mislead and harass voters.

If you listen to the NDP, this is definitely the work of the Conservative party. New democrat MP Pat Martin has been very vocal with his belief that there is a conspiracy and cover up happening and the tories have their hands all over it.

The liberals have been a bit more cautious with their speculation. They are pointing the finger towards the conservatives but haven’t been as forward with their allegations as the NDP has.

If you listen to the conservatives, their hands are clean on this matter. They have maintained the party has nothing to do with this and the prime minister is now implying the liberals may be guilty of misleading their own supporters.

This is definitely turning into a “he says she says” issue.

The fact is there is a lot of evidence in this matter and it will be tough for Elections Canada to investigate, especially considering it has received 31,000 “contacts”from voters.

Thankfully Elections Canada has the mandate to call in law enforcement agencies to help out and is allowed to spend as much money as necessary to get to the bottom of this.

Anyone who believes we’ll have answers on this matter anytime soon is probably dreaming. Any charges or criminal convictions are likely years away.

So as this scandal continues to spark outrage and finger-pointing across the country, let’s all remember there is an investigation underway to try and find the person or people responsible.

All political parties are implying or alleging guilt at this point and we must take all of these comments with a grain of salt.