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2008 Bordeaux wines attract big crowds at BC Liquor Stores

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – About 250 people lined up at the BC Liquor Store on Cambie and 39th Ave. today to buy a type of wine that the liquor branch expects will be sold out by the end of the day.

The stores have just released their stocks of 2008 Bordeaux, a type of wine produced in a region of southwest France that is world-famous for its high-quality vintages.

Barbara Philip, who buys the European wines for BC Liquor Stores, says 2008 was a unique year for Bordeaux wines.

“The grapes were tasty, they were ripe, they made good wine, but also due to some issues early in that growing season, the crop was a bit smaller, so we have less wine,” Philip explains. “You know, good quality wine, less wine, creates this aura of excitement.”

She says even the priciest bottles sold out at the Cambie location.

“Some of the super prestigious wines that are quite expensive, I mean, $1,000-plus a bottle, were sold out, but also some of the really great value wines that are $18 to $25 a bottle, they were selling really quickly as well.”

Once a year the liquor branch releases the Bordeaux wines it has ordered three years previously.