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Wear a helmet and save society thousands of bucks: doctor

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – People in BC are the least likely in Canada to sport a helmet while skiing or snowboarding on one of our many mountains.

Not only can one save your life, but it can also save the health care system a ton of cash. Dr. Ian Pike with Preventable.ca says you can get a really good helmet for $50 to $100, which could essentially save over $3,000 in social costs.

“What does it cost to treat a head injury? And what does it cost in terms of rehabilitative costs? [Then there] are some societal costs, including lost earnings and lost potential. When you add those together, you come up with those average costs,” he explains.

Pike adds bike helmets just don’t cut it. “Once a fall has been encountered with a bicycle helmet, it needs to be replaced. It is simply not built for snow sports.”
While there have been calls for mandatory mountain helmet use, it is still optional for adults in BC.