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Auditor general frustrated with legislative committee

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s Auditor General is not impressed with how the government has handled talk about his future, and he hasn’t made any decisions on his next move.

John Doyle is not ready to accept a two-year extension offer from a government committee, but he also isn’t moving on.

“One thing that I will say is that I’m not going to resign as auditor general,” Doyle says.  “And as far as I can see things, that means I will continue as auditor general until October.”

Doyle argues the committee triggered a search for a new auditor general prematurely causing all of the uproar.

“None of which was of my making,” he adds.

Doyle says his replacement is something that shouldn’t be discussed until the spring, according to legislation.

The committee made the offer after pressure from Christy Clark, who has been pressured herself by critics who didn’t want to see Doyle go.