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Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – How many people believe in conspiracy theories?

Angus Reid just polled people about conspiracy theories. Pollster Mario Canseco says one in three people believe in them.

“It’s the idea of a new world order. There’s a group that is secretly running the world and they want to establish a global government.”

One in five Americans believe tiny little cameras and microphones have been built into TVs as a way to spy.

Conseco says a third believe in a 911 cover-up and one in ten think the moon landings were faked. “There’s always this idea, and it’s something that we see more in the United States than in Canada or in the UK, whenever we’ve done something like this. There’s always the idea that you know more than what they’re telling you.”

And 28 per cent of people think global warming was invented for financial or ideological reasons.

Don’t forget the aliens.