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Trucking industry to face stricter emissions enforcement

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – More tickets and fines could be in place for heavy duty trucks not up to snuff with emission standards.

A new Metro Vancouver study shows 98 per cent of diesel truck emissions in Metro Vancouver and 90 per cent of nitrogen oxide emissions are coming from semis made before 2007.

Metro Environment Parks Committee Chair Heather Deal says these truck drivers will start to see stricter enforcement of the existing emission guidelines.

“That’s going to call a lot of attention to these folks who will be getting tickets and fines and that will encourage them to work with us to bring their trucks to current emission standards,” she explains.

Although the BC Trucking Association has been pushing to be exempt from Air Care programs, Deal says this study just proves it is needed.  She says they’ll be working with the province to come up with more programs to regulate.

“They will address all the concerns, concerns of the economics of the drivers, the concerns of air quality and what a reasonable step-up program is to ensure that over time we do not have these dangerous emissions traveling through our cities,” she says.

Deal says it’s not a question of taking them off the road and forcing them to get newer trucks but many of them can be fixed with proper maintenance.