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New study measures impact of 2010 Games

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A new study is looking at the impact left by the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The study looks at the overall impact of the Games and how what’s left behind helps or hurts people who live here.

It can act as a tool for future Olympic hosts as well.

Rob VanWynsberghe, the author of the Olympic Games Impact study, says Sochi, which is hosting the 2014 Games, payed very close attention to what Whistler and Vancouver did. “Sochi is interesting, they came here during the Olympics. They were intense and they sat down with us for hours asking how we did it, what our tools were.”

He says other recent host cities are also paying attention to the four-part study. “Rio is the same. London was unique in that they didn’t really communicate a great deal but they ended up using a lot of our ideas but they actually didn’t talk to us a great deal.”

He says the Games left a positive impact with the infrastructure left behind.

VanWynsberghe says Whistler really benefited from the Games. “Whistler is really unique because they did get a lot of money spent on things that probably everybody that lives there cares about.”