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BC's top doc worried about second-hand e-cigarette vapour

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You don’t have to travel far to find someone puffing on an e-cigarette.

But the long-term effects of the second-hand vapour still aren’t known, and that has BC’s top doctor concerned.

Dr Perry Kendall feels the vapour is still less harmful than second-hand smoke from a cigarette, but says there only a few studies have been done on “propylene glycol and the mixtures that carry the flavour or the nicotine; it is a little hard to imagine that something you draw into your lungs is without any effect at all.”

And since there aren’t a lot of rules or regulations yet, many people we’ve been speaking say they’ve had run-ins with people puffing them indoors.

One man says his brother started smoking the vapour. “He smokes it at home.”

Another man tells us he doesn’t like seeing it in public.

“It creates a whole different environment if they are smoking inside. I think personally smoking everywhere should be banned,” he tells us.