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There are no safety standards for bike helmets: Canada Safety Council

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You probably think you are safe when you hop on your bike for a spin and you strap on your helmet.

But helmets are coming under fire due to a lack of safety standards.

Raynald Marchand with the Canada Safety Council says there are no legal standards for bike helmets, so most people just pick one out because they like the look, without realizing that they may not be getting the best protection.

“To my knowledge, there isn’t a minimum standard,” he tells us.

“Manufacturers can, indeed, bring a helmet into Canada and sell it. It does not have to meet a particular standard,” he tells us.

He says to see bike helmets regulated, the provincial government would have to take charge.

Until then, Marchand suggests you make sure you pick out a helmet with a core made of styrofoam and has a hard outer shell.