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A new survey ranks dream jobs for British Columbians

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It turns out if many of your had your way, you would work for the government. A new survey from Insights West outlines some surprising choices many of you would make as your ‘dream employer.’

The public sector includes BC Ferries, BC Hydro, Canada Post and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Over in the private sector it’s mostly tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. There is also the allure of our local sports teams with both the Vancouver Canucks and BC Lions making the cut.

Steve Mossop with Insights West explains why people made these choices. “There are three or four things: compensation is number one, benefits is third and then in between that are things like flexibility and work hours.”

“It’s really an equal divide of preferences between public sector and private sector employees where in most other surveys tend to focus on what we would call the ‘sexy’ company — the HootSuites and the Apple’s of the world. The reality is quite different, people actually look up to those crown corporations, even the ones that have the negative press,” adds Mossop.

One-third of employed British Columbians say they have no plans to leave their current job, but many added they’d leave in an instant if the right opportunity came along. Meantime, 15 per cent of people say they’re looking for a new job right now.

Public sector (in alphabetical order):

Private sector (in alphabetical order):