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New street-level speed limit signs erected in Richmond

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – Getting drivers to slow down in school zones is a perennial problem for cities.

But traffic managers in Richmond hope to put an end to the speeding with a type of signage not used in BC before.

The tactic is relatively simple: place speed limit signs on the road, forcing drivers to pay attention, says Ted Townsend with the City of Richmond.

“They can be installed basically right in the middle of the street. They are removable, so we can use them seasonably, if need be. In this case we are using them in a school zone.”

They’re being placed along Tweedsmuir Avenue near Maple Lane elementary, where Townsend says speeding has been a chronic problem.

“The neighbourhood had said they didn’t want anything intrusive like speed bumps. These signs cost about $650 to manufacture, whereas speed bumps would cost $3,500 to install,” Townsend notes.

This is considered a pilot project, and depending on how the neighbourhood responds, the signs could be placed elsewhere next year.