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North Shore Rescue coming to the aid of one of their own

(Courtesy North Shore Rescue)

More than $30,000 raised for local rescuer battling cancer

It's just amazing: Local rescuer as colleagues raise money for his fight against cancer

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The team at North Shore Rescue is used to coming to the aid of people in distress, but this time they are rallying around one of their own.

Thousands of dollars are being raised for a campaign called Rescue the Rescuer.

Jay Piggot is an elite helicopter search and rescue technician who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer

The volunteer is also a part-time paramedic, which means he is not eligible for benefits for the predicted year he will be battling his illness. Jay and his wife have two little boys, one with autism.

That’s why his teammates at North Shore Rescue have started raising money, over $30,000 so far to support his family while he focuses on his fight

Piggot is overwhelmed.

“It’s like A Wonderful Life, at the end of the movie where everybody shows up to help you,” says Piggot. “These guys are literally at my house every day, they’re helping my wife do dishes, they’re babysitting my kids, they’re cleaning my yard, putting my Christmas lights up, it’s just amazing.”

Here is the complete interview with Jay.