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What does Britain's vote to leave the EU mean for other regions?

Last Updated Jun 24, 2016 at 2:59 pm PDT

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Britain’s surprise vote to leave the European Union has shocked many and seriously impacted global markets. But what does that mean for other members?

UBC’s Professor of Political Science Yves Tiberghien says there are groups in nearly every country that want to have a referendum as well. “They don’t always have a big group of followers but the Netherlands has a very strong extreme-right party with support in the mid-twenties and they have already called for a referendum. France’s extreme right has already called for a referendum.”

He adds countries like Hungary and Slovakia, which have also shown interest in leaving, may hesitate because they receive so much financial support from the EU.

And regions like Scotland – where the majority voted to stay – could reopen the debate on independence.

Tiberghien believes it’s a little more complicated for those that depend on it. “For example Hungary, [or] those in the east [like] Slovakia, but for those countries there is a range of cost and benefit involved because they do receive support from the EU. They may hesitate so in that sense the richer countries in the west are more likely to have such referendums.”

He adds big changes could also be coming to Scotland and Ireland – where the majority of people voted to stay in the EU – likely reopening past debates about independence.