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Group calls on Federal gov't to fix fish farming problem killing whales

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VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s the second humpback whale to die on the coast of British Columbia in the past two weeks, this one caught in farm fishing nets off Vancouver Island.

At least one ecologist with the Watershed Watch Salmon Society has some arguments about why changes need to come to fish farming practices in BC.

Craig Orr has been studying the impacts of sea life on wild salmon from open net cages for quite some time, and he has seen the impact of salmon farms on the fish, and once again, they are proving detrimental to other sea life, this time after another humpback whale has died in BC waters in two weeks.

But he says there is a solution.

“The problem is, we can’t afford to lose whales like this or salmon, open net caged salmon from farms and they should be moved out of the water and put on land. We know it can be done. That’s what groups like Watershed Watch have been saying for years.

With Justin Trudeau’s announcement about banning tankers on the northern BC coast, Orr says it’s about the Federal government actually committing to saving both whale’s from getting stuck in fish nets, and keeping and maintaining salmon farms operating on land.