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Andy Kindler brings his Trump-roasting comedy show to Vancouver

(Via Twitter)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Comedians all over seem to be having fun at US President Donald Trump’s expense these days. One of the first to roast Trump is in town this weekend.

What did Andy Kindler see in Trump before all the others?

The veteran comic who’s appeared on The Daily Show, and Everyone Loves Raymond, says his disdain for The Trump is a family affair that began long ago.

“My dad, who was a plumbing and a heating contractor, he actually had Donald Trump as a client. He said he was the worst — he never paid his bill, he always had to heckle him. He’s just a conniving chiseler.”

The only consolation?

“My dad passed away in December of 2015. Thank God he didn’t have to be here to see this.”

Andy Kindler hosts The Alternative Show tonight at the Rio Theatre as part of JFL Northwest. He says it can be challenging to be funny in a hyper-politically correct world.

“Political correctness can go too far, but I also think it can be used as a weapon to say things that are nasty,” he says, adding it’s a fine line trying to be funny these days.

“You can’t make rules with comedy because some people are just great at saying the most insulting things ever, and some people use the ability to say insulting things to be terrible. Like Domar, I can’t stand his anti-Muslim stuff. I’m not against him having freedom of speech, but its also freedom of speech for people to say ‘I don’t like that bit’.”