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More than 30 fires started yesterday because of lightning

Trees burnt by raging wildfires in the central interior. (Courtesy BC Wildfire Service via Twitter)

Stormy weather yesterday didn't help all of the Interior

Wet weather not expected for parts of the Interior this weekend

KAMLOOPS (NEWS 1130) – We’re learning today the downpours over the Central Interior yesterday provided only a little bit of relief to crews because with the storm clouds came a lot of lightning which actually sparked new fires.

The forecast heading into the weekend isn’t looking very good.

Navi Saini with the BC Wildfire Service says there had been some hope for rain this weekend in an area where it’s so badly needed, but it’s not looking too promising.

“Another low-pressure system is predicted to start building off the coast. This will bring showers to the coast mountains, unfortunately, hot, dry and windy conditions will continue for the Interior.”

And while there were some areas that saw a reprieve because of rain, other areas didn’t benefit from the storms.

“Extreme danger ratings combined with the lightning did lead to new wildfire starts. Yesterday alone we saw 32 new fires start, bringing the total number of fires burning across the province to 167.”

Meanwhile, Saini says firefighters are focused on getting on top of new fires before they get out of hand… so they’re urging people out in the backcountry this weekend to report flames or smoke ASAP to *55-55.