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Baby sea otter moves to Vancouver Aquarium nursery

Last Updated Aug 1, 2017 at 7:49 am PDT


Hardy is being moved to the nursery to continue receiving 24-hour care

The sea otter pup was found stranded from his mother when he was just two-four weeks old

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A sea otter pup rescued near northern Vancouver Island has made the big move to his new nursery at the Vancouver Aquarium. That’s where he’ll continue to receive care from otter experts.

The baby otter — named Hardy through an online vote — has gained weight, grown stronger, and become more active with the help of staff and volunteers, according to a release.

“Hardy has been doing really well; he’s hitting all of his developmental milestones and thriving,” says Senior Marine Mammal Trainer Kristi Heffron with the Vancouver Aquarium. “He’ll continue to receive 24-hour care here at the Aquarium as he transitions to eating solid foods and learns how to groom himself independently, swim in deeper water, and interact with the other otters.”

The fuzzy-faced pup was rescued back on June 25th after he was stranded from his mother, and was about two to four weeks old at the time.

According to the aquarium, newborn sea otters are rely completely on their mothers for weeks in their early stages, and usually stay with them for about six months. They’re groomed, fed, taught to swim and forage, and are helpless without them.

Due to how young Hardy was when he was found, it’s believed he never learned these important lessons, and was deemed “non-releasable” by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

You can follow along with Hardy’s progress at the Aquarium on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.