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VPD do commercial truck blitz, find problems with each one they pull over

(Photo credit: Dustin Godfrey for NEWS 1130)

More than $11,000 in fines are handed out

Many of the problems include bald tires, bad brakes and issues with steering

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Some pretty alarming numbers have been released by Vancouver Police about the commercial trucks you share the road with every day. The force says 100 per cent of vehicles pulled over yesterday as part of a three-day blitz were cited for problems.

“The number of units with no violations present was zero, so all 75 had at least one violation. Out of those 75, the number of units that met out-of-service criteria was 40,” explains Sergeant Jason Robillard who adds out-of-service means the vehicles are taken off the road.

Robillard adds most had tire and brake issues which can often easily be found and fixed in a pre-trip inspection. What he says is unfortunate is the problems they find are nothing new. “What I’m also hearing from the inspectors and from the officers here is that you just need to check your truck. If you were to check your truck, you’d find these things because they’re quite obvious.”

A man named Justin, is one of the drivers pulled over for having a nail stuck in his tire and he says what police are doing is important. “I’ve seen some pretty bad looking trucks. I don’t know how they’re on the road so it’s a good thing they are out checking. If it stops someone from a failure or something that could kill someone, then it’s worth it.”

Steve Bauer with the Ministry of Transportation says what police are doing is a targeted blitz, which means if a commercial truck looks like it’s in good shape, they’ll let it continue on the road. “We’re definitely not focusing on every commercial vehicle in the province. We want to promote the industry to continue to move. If we don’t see any defects, we want those vehicles to continue to operate.”

He adds more than 30,000 commercial trucks are inspected annually province-wide.

On the day of the safety campaign, the VPD handed out $11,761 in fines.