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Most British Columbians support total ban on grizzly hunt: poll

Last Updated Oct 8, 2017 at 4:58 pm PDT

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Almost 90 per cent of people surveyed say they're happy with the decision to ban the grizzly trophy hunt

The poll show three in four surveyed believe it's time to ban grizzly hunting completely, not just the trophy hunt

The ban on trophy hunting grizzlies comes into effect in BC on November 30th

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) -The province’s decision to ban trophy hunting grizzly bears seems to have the support of most British Columbians.

But a new poll conducted shows a majority would like to see the legislation go even further.

“Almost 90 per cent saying that they’re happy with the decision that the government took but also about three in four who say that it’s time to ban grizzly hunting completely not only that hunting that is done to get only trophies,” explains Mario Canseco with Insights West.

The pollster says even 60-percent of self-described hunters surveyed also support an all-out ban.

“I think this is one of the reasons for so many residents to say why stop there? We should really look into the recent decision of the government as a starting point and figure out a way to ban grizzly bear hunting all together.”

He says they’re more likely to be hunting other things like moose or elk or deer, and says there’s a very tiny minority of people hunting bears.

“And even a smaller minority of those who say that they are hunting them to eat them, so it’s really a very tiny minority of hunters that is affected by the changes.”

Canseco adds the organization has been asking about trophy hunting of grizzlies in BC since 2014, and says the number of people supporting a ban has been consistently high.

“It wasn’t really that surprising to see the level of support for what the government did. I think what was quite interesting to see how many British Columbians would take it a step further.”

BC’s NDP government introduced legislation and followed through on its election promise to ban the sport throughout the province this summer. There are an estimated 15,000 grizzly bears across BC, with more than 200 killed by hunters every year.

The ban on trophy hunting grizzlies comes into effect in BC on November 30th.