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Bear enters Mission home, attacks woman and conservation officer

Last Updated Oct 23, 2017 at 7:02 am PDT

File photo of a bear. (File photo)

The bear entered the Mission home, but later ran up a tree with her cubs

The woman at the home and a conservation officer were both hurt, but both were released from the hospital

MISSION (NEWS 1130) – A 21 year-old woman and a conservation officer were attacked by a bear in her home in Mission Sunday morning.

Inspector Murray Smith says the woman heard a commotion in her back yard.

“Her dogs were barking, so she opened up her door, a bear was there, it jumped at the woman, she fell over and the bear jumped on her back,” Smith says.

Her tells us her injuries were minor.

The bear also bit a conservation officer on the leg.

Smith says the mother bear and her cubs had to be put down, adding that attacks like this can be prevented if you keep attractants out of your yard.

“Let’s make sure our fruit trees are picked, and not feeding bears bird seed in the summer, you know, wait until winter to do that, when they’re sleeping,” he says.

“Let’s make sure our garbage is secured and put away.”