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High level of support to change Family Day in BC: poll

Last Updated Nov 8, 2017 at 12:14 pm PDT

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A new poll finds 71 per cent of British Columbians surveyed support changing Family Day to align with other provinces

Premier John Horgan told NEWS 1130 he is considering moving the stat holiday in February

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It looks like a large percentage of British Columbians want to see the Family Day holiday date changed in the province.

NEWS 1130 was the first to tell you that Premier John Horgan is considering moving the stat holiday in February, and now a new poll suggests British Columbians really like the idea.

A new poll conducted by Insights West has found 71 per cent of those surveyed support moving the date by a week to align with the rest of the country.

“One of the reasons that we hear from those that took the survey is the fact that they may be working in offices that have places all over Canada, and you’re in a situation where you have a holiday on Monday and then your colleagues do not have it on the next Monday, so it’s a little bit confusing for many of the residents to do it this way,” explains pollster Mario Canseco. “Every other holiday that we have falls essentially on the same day all over Canada, so they think it’s a good idea to do the same thing with Family Day.”

Only about 13 per cent of British Columbia oppose the change, and the survey has found only 16 per cent are undecided.

Canseco says the support for change is high across all demographics, and though well-received at first, he adds people have had time to think about it.

“It’s an interesting one in the sense that when the Family Day holiday came about under the Christy Clark government, the Liberals were very happy that this was happening. A lot of people reported being quite content at the fact that we were getting a new holiday and now, it’s the BC Liberal voters who are more likely to say that it makes more sense to have it on the same day as the other Canadian provinces.”

Canseco says it’ll be difficult to implement the change in 2018, and thinks it likely wouldn’t happen until 2019 or 2020.

“What is interesting at this particular stage is you’re not saying no to the holiday, you’re saying why am I having a holiday on a day when my colleagues in other offices across the country are working. It’s really turned out to be a quite confusing situation for some workers.”

Horgan told NEWS 1130 in an exclusive one-on-one interview that changing Family Day is a priority, but that it’s not at the top of the list.

The holiday was brought in under the former BC Liberal government and takes place on the second Monday in February, while the rest of Canada celebrates it on the third Monday.