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Research looks into how to raise generous children

Last Updated Dec 3, 2017 at 10:32 am PDT

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Nine-in-10 parents look to inspire their children to be kind, giving: survey

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s the time of year where you may be more aware of contributing to a cause that helps someone else. But if you’re a parent, how do you try to pass that awareness on to your kids?

New research finds, nearly nine-out-10 parents surveyed believe in inspiring their children to give to organizations focused on helping others.

Imagine Canada — which works to strengthen the charity and non-profit sector — is behind the research.

CEO Bruce MacDonald says if you’re trying to instill a giving attitude in your kids, talk to them about their interests, which may guide where they go with their generosity. “The young people themselves can then do some exploration around what are the kinds of causes that are present in their community, or globally, because we have a very connected group of young people today.”

MacDonald adds there are ways to help your children be more aware, and decide where they want to help. “This idea of talking with young people about having maybe three piggy banks or containers: save, spend, and give, where the young person themselves saves the money to give to charity and is empowered to choose which organization or cause they would like to support.”

This comes as three charities here in BC tell us they’re seeing a dip in donations.