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Fog advisory for Metro Vancouver

Last Updated Dec 7, 2017 at 10:41 am PDT

Fog in Metro Vancouver on Dec 6, 2017 (Photo credit: Twitter @MarksGonePublic

Careful on the roads, as foggy conditions may make it very difficult to see what's in front of you

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Environment Canada has issued a fog advisory for much of the region.

The advisory covers all areas from the North Shore to Delta and out to Langley.

“Near zero visibility in fog is expected or occurring” says the advisory.

“A strong temperature inversion has formed, with warm air aloft, overlying colder air near the surface,” explains NEWS 1130 Meteorologist Russ Lacate.

“This makes for a very stable weather pattern. The fog is trapped beneath the inversion. I suspect it will be featured in our forecast for the next seven days in a row, and possibly becoming even more widespread this weekend, as that drier outflow breeze from the valley dies down.”

The fog has drawn many photographers to higher elevations to capture the sight.


Environment Canada says the fog will become more patchy during the afternoons, especially in areas further from the water. But it is expected to return tonight.

Be careful on the roads, as it will be difficult to see what’s in front of you in many parts of the region.

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