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Who drinks more BC wine: Gen X or Millennials?

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Over a third of people in BC prefer red wine, says survey

Red is the preferred choice for BC wine drinkers aged 35 and up

Wine drinkers aged 19 to 34 prefer rosé and sparkling wines

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It seems many wine drinkers in BC are opting for local varietals.

Generation X leads the way when it comes to current consumption of BC wines, but Millennials are closing in, according to the 2017 Winery Brand Reputation Insights Monitor.

The survey was conducted by Insights West in partnership with Will Creative. Mario Canseco with the pollster says they also looked into what type of vino we prefer.

“That’s a question that I’ve been wanting to ask for years,” chuckles Canseco. “And we finally got a chance to do so. Thirty-six per cent of BC residents say that they like red wine better. Twenty-six per cent favour white wine.”

Two in five wine drinkers in this province say they are drinking a higher percentage of local wines now, compared to five years ago.

“BC wine has grown, locally. We go back 15, 20 years ago… It was almost like a novelty. There was really not a lot of people who were drinking wine. What is interesting to see now is that it’s Generation X and Millennials who have embraced this,” adds Canseco.

And the taste for red may improve with age.

“Red is definitely the preferred choice for BC’s wine drinkers aged 35-to-54 and 55 and over,” says Canseco. “Rosé and sparkling wines are more popular among those aged 19-to-34.”

Overall, half of wine drinkers in BC say their preferred wine comes from this province.