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BC Children's Hospital tips for holiday child safety


The BC Children's Hospital has some safety tips to keep your kids safe this holiday season

The manager of the hospital's trauma program suggests keeping festive plants, small decorations and toys out of reach

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s supposed to be a cheerful time of the year for kids, but the holidays can also pose a lot of hazards and the BC Children’s Hospital is offering some tips to help keep the smallest members of the family safe this time of the year.

They may look beautiful, but open flames can cause serious burns in the hands of curious kids.

“Just having regular candles out or menorah, try to make sure they’re up on a non-flammable surface,” said Lisa Romein, manager of the hospital’s trauma program. “Another burn that we often times will see are fireplace burns. Even the glass of a glass fireplace can heat up to 400 F.”

Festive plants also add flare to a home, but just like for pets, some are poisonous for children, including holly and mistletoe.

Small decorations and toys should also be kept out of reach.

“If you have young children around, avoid decorating the bottom part of the tree where they can actually reach them, play with them and possibly swallow them,” Romein said, adding read the age recommendations on toys to make sure they are right for the child.

A good rule of thumb is that if the toy can fit through a toilet paper roll, it can also fit and get stuck in a child’s throat.

For those that don’t have kids, but may have them visit over the holidays, Romein suggests doing a sweep of your home to remove unsafe objects, including food items which could trigger allergies or become choking hazards.