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Protesters say they are being removed from Kinder Morgan site

(Source: www.facebook.com/kmsurveillancepost)

'We don't need permits to stand and protect water': Kinder Morgan protester

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – Protesters at the site where Kinder Morgan is set to begin work on the TransMountain pipeline expansion project say they are being kicked out by the RCMP.

One woman says they are threatening to arrest people.

“We don’t need permits to stand and protect water. Everyone’s water is impacted right now with Kinder Morgan going through,” she says. “They have no permits, no consent. They are just going ahead.”

She went on to say that police had no right to remove the peaceful protesters.

“This is unacceptable. This is police brutality.”

The National Energy Boards approved the project but there has been some debate from the City of Burnaby as to what permits Kinder Morgan needs to start working.

We have reached out to the Burnaby RCMP detachment, but have not heard any reaction.