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Vancouver has a shot at hosting a big gaming event

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Expected renovations at Seattle arena means Vancouver may welcome gaming convention

The International may come north of the border as usual Seattle arena looks to undergo upgrades

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The past decade has seen the rise in the popularity of video games as a spectator sport.

These so-called eSports have a big following here in Vancouver and there are some hints that the eSports equivalent of the Super Bowl could be coming to town.

It’s called The International and Dota 2 is the game.

Hillary Lee is the Dota 2 Director at eSports Association at UBC. “Basically, it’s Dota’s largest, competitive event. They usually sell out their whole stadium and there are parties for the event all over the world.”

The reason the event may come to Vancouver is because the Seattle arena which has hosted it since 2014 is planning renovations. “I know a bunch of people from Vancouver who take the trip down to Seattle every year. We have a pretty prominent gaming scene in Vancouver so I think the turnout would be really good.”

Last fall, banner ads promoting the event were spotted on the screens at Rogers Arena.

If it becomes official, Vancouver would host players in August as they try to a prize pool totaling tens of millions of dollars.