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Hearings on Trans Mountain route begin

(Courtesy: transmountain.com)

Trans Mountain hearing begins in Burnaby this week

'The federal government approved the pipeline, but they have not approved the route,' says Burnaby Mayor

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – Those affected by the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will be giving feedback to the National Energy Board (NEB) this week, as hearings on the proposed route begin in Burnaby today.

That city has been opposed to the project for some time and will state its case against this particular route, starting on Tuesday.

“The federal government approved the pipeline, but they have not approved the route,” says Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan in a statement. “Because of the damage and disruption it would cause to the City and Metro Vancouver’s environment, economy and neighborhoods – in perpetuity – the City of Burnaby is determined to ensure that this route is never approved.”

Corrigan has had issues with the NEB process throughout and says people in his community were not listened to during the approval phase.

“The great problems of this process was the lack of discussion with citizens,” says Corrigan in a video posted on the City of Burnaby’s YouTube channel. “I think citizens felt that they really didn’t have an opportunity to be listened to.”

Kinder Morgan says building a separate stretch of pipeline would be less disruptive than building along the existing route, which goes under roads and neighbourhoods.

These hearings will take place over eight days, before a second round in March.