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Landlords ask province to ban pot in rentals

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) –¬†When recreational pot is legalized by the federal government, the right to smoke the drug should not be extended to rental units, argues a landlord group.

Landlord BC had a talk with housing minister Selina Robinson Monday afternoon by phone, making its argument for the province to block tenants from smoking even after legalization.

David Hutniak is Landlord BC’s chief executive and says many tenants have also expressed concern.

“Numerous tenants reaching out to us who are expressing concern about this and wondering what they can do to ensure the consumption and production of cannabis is not permitted in rental housing – these are their homes,” says Hutniak.

Beyond smoking, Hutniak’s group is also trying to ensure renters won’t be allowed to run small-scale grow ops out of their apartment units, citing concerns about ventilation and mould.

But Hutniak wants a more nuanced discussion on those who use the drug medicinally.

“There’s human rights issues around that,” says Hutniak. “We recognize that cannabis is a medical therapy, so we’ve always honoured that.”

Still, Hutniak points to BC Ferries’ move to ban all smoking on its vessels — even medicinal use, as an example of a blanket pot ban that is in effect.