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Member of DOA running for Burnaby Mayor

Last Updated Mar 19, 2018 at 7:35 pm PDT

(Via Twitter)

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – A punk rocker is running for mayor in Burnaby. Joe Keithley, who plays in the Vancouver-based band, DOA, announced today he’ll be running under the Burnaby Green Party Banner.

Keithley says his hard-rocking past shouldn’t be a bad thing for the campaign.

“I think being in DOA. will be good for the campaign. People know me out there, it’s my hometown, I went to Burnaby North High and people know DOA. It doesn’t mean they’re fans, but they have a respect for what I’ve done.”

He’s already got a few the key issues lined up that his campaign will tackle.

“We will promote and enable more affordable housing and more affordable rental units,” explains Keithley. “We’d also stop the demolitions that are happening in the Metrotown-Maywood area of Burnaby. We think that being Canadians we need to help fellow Canadians, not kick them out of their houses.”

Keithley describes himself as a long-time activist, and says if he wins, he’ll freeze property taxes in Burnaby for two years.