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BC travel agent no longer books flights with US airline due to customer complaints

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VANCOVUER (NEWS 1130) – A local travel agent says it’s been at least six years since she recommended clients fly with a discount airline at the heart of a “60 Minutes” report that aired last night.

Claire Newell with Travel Best Bets says she’s not surprised serious safety concerns continue being raised about Allegiant Air.

“Because of customer service issues. They were complaining about all sorts of things. The aircraft themselves and often, you know, it was perfectly good weather. They had staff, but they had mechanical issues, so you were being delayed –not just two, three hours– six, seven, eight maybe 10 hours.”

Newell says Allegiant was more popular with BC travellers when the Canadian dollar was stronger, but she had difficulty getting the low-coast carrier to properly compensate her clients.

“The biggest issue when we were hearing from clients is the aircraft themselves and I have flown them and I have been on. They’re really quite old planes. I known that they’re replacing them with Airbus which are newer.”

Allegiant’s share prices have fallen since the CBS report exposed more than 100 serious problems including emergency landings, aborted takeoffs and cabin pressure loss were recorded over the last two years (Jan. 2016 to Oct. 2017).

Airline executives are defending their safety record saying they comply with all Federal Aviation Administration regulations.