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Have you seen Justin Beaver? He's gone missing from the Fraser Valley

Justin Beaver was last seen at Cheam Lake Wetlands regional park with a Grade One class. (Source: Twitter @FVRD1)

In Offbeat news, a mascot named 'Justin Beaver' has gone missing from a local park

CHILLIWACK (NEWS 1130) – He’s certainly a star among the younger crowd. And in a disturbing development, Justin Beaver has disappeared from a local park.

The Fraser Valley Regional District is looking for a missing — and much-loved — mascot.

He’s full-sized, stuffed been used for years at parks in the district as an educational tool. He disappeared on a Grade One field trip in the Cheam Lake Wetlands.

“The group went off for a very short hike, to point out some of the wetlands features. Upon their return, Justin was gone,” explains Jennifer Kinneman with the District.

She is perplexed with the mascot’s disappearance. “It does seem like an odd thing to take.”

Kinneman hopes someone spotted Justin, without realizing he was a toothy teaching tool. “Maybe just removed him and isn’t quite sure where he belongs.”

He belongs with the children. So, if you’ve seen Justin Beaver, please think of the children.

“I’m sure they’ll manage without him, but we really would like to see him come back,” says Kinneman.