VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It seems a lot of us just can’t give up the plastic.

Many people aren’t willing to give up their shopping bags; so many, in fact, that one store that ditched them is bringing plastic back. A lot of News1130 listeners insist they’re green.

“Paper and reusable bags are environmentally friendly,” says Pushpa. “Plastic is not good. It may be a little easier to carry, but think about the environment.”

But Bobby very much prefers plastic. “I like carrying them. There’s a handle on them. Paper bags, you actually have to lift [them],” he laughs.

Thrifty Foods stopped offering plastic bags to customers two years ago, urging them to try reusable bags and offering free paper bags. But yesterday, the chain rolled out a pilot project at three stores, bringing back plastic for those who still demand disposable convenience.

Thrifty tells the Vancouver Sun they’ll assess things this fall and decide on their next step.