VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There are those who think Gordon Campbell does deserve to get the Order of BC.  And surprisingly, the former Premier has found an unlikely defender in Adrian Dix.

The NDP boss says Campbell should be in the Order, but feels the honour comes too soon after he was forced from office because of the Harmonized Sales Tax and because Christy Clark is serving out a mandate that he won.

But don’t tell that to the thousands who are still sounding off online and those leaving messages on the News1130 Listener Line.

“I thought the last insult that the people of BC got from Gordon Campbell was when he was awarded this plum job in Britain.  All Gordon Campbell deserves from the people of BC is the finger as he gets on the plane,” said one caller.

Another caller said, “They’re handing out these little awards for people… patting him on the back for screwing the citizens of BC.  Please.  Let’s get a grasp on reality here, please.  God!”

More than 2,100 people on Facebook have “friended” a petition against Campbell getting the Order of BC.