VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It appears the remains found on a Kitsilano beach today are not human. Investigators only took a few hours to come to that conclusion.

Coroner Barbara McLintock says they along with the Disaster and Identification Unit started their investigation as soon as they arrived on the beach.

“What they found when they got there was a torn and heavily weathered boot and some bone fragments. They examined those bone fragments and came to the conclusion that these most likely are not human. They may be from a marine mammal, maybe a seal.”
She adds its still early in the investigation, but does not believe it is a hoax, and thinks the bones got inside the boot when they washed up on shore.

The last foot was found this November in Sasamat Lake, with one washing up in False Creek in August. The first foot washed ashore in 2007 on Jedediah Island, although one foot found four years ago in Campbell River turned out to be a fake.