VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s a big day for pot smokers everywhere; in case you forgot, today is 420.

Thousands of people are expected to converge on the lawn of the art gallery in Downtown Vancouver and the VPD won’t be stopping anyone from lighting up.

Vancouver Police don’t really feel they need to step in with enforcement, as long as things are peaceful.

Constable Lindsey Houghton knows people will be down there with illegal drugs, but their priority is to crack down on those trafficking pot — not so much those who are using it.

“As in past years, we will have a presence at the event. We don’t anticipate any issues this year and we have not had any issues in past years,” he explains.

Expect traffic will be a little messy around the gallery — and don’t mind the massive cloud of smoke.

Houghton adds crime rates are usually quite low during 420, but something else may be on the rise. “I’m not aware of any analysis or statistical examination with respect to crime rates, but I’m sure the food truck people would be able to give you some stats on their sales.”

Today is also a Pro-D day for many students in Vancouver, so the crowd will likely be bigger than usual.  Houghton adds today is also a good day for parents to talk to their kids about drugs.