SURREY (NEWS1130) – Mounties know someone has more information about arsons and drive-by shootings involving people with connections to the Justice Institute of BC over the last year.

An email about the incidents has now been received and they want that person to come forward. About 14 people have been victimized and last December, a link to an ICBC employee was revealed.

“The emailer may have more information,” explains Sergeant Peter Thiessen. “As we move forward, we have also identified a number of suspects and we are also investigating an associate of that individual for mischief to data and endangering life [and] breach of trust allegations.”

The initial investigation found the only connection between the victims was that they were somehow involved in the school, which trains police, firefighters and paramedics. Thirteen of them had their personal information accessed by the ICBC employee.

Thiessen says the emailer has nothing to fear by doing the right thing and contacting them.

“Work with us in moving this investigation forward,” he urges.